The Vendors

Fête vendors are the best in the business. Some hail from Chicago; others from around the Midwest. Origins aside, everyone shares an affection for good food, great taste, and community.

Below, a list of vendors who presented at fête’s debut on December 6:

Publican Quality Meats
Mindy Segal/Hot Chocolate
ByM Desserts
Illinois Sparkling Co.
City Provisions
Indian as Apple Pie
Brew Camp
Rare Tea Cellar
Pear Tree Preserves
Carriage House
La Sirena Clandestina
Sauce and Bread Kitchen/Co-op Hot Sauce
Veruca Chocolates
Bang Bang Pies
Old Town Social
Alaskan Salmon
The Butcher & Larder
Posh Corn

Dinner Party
Martyn George
Heshima Kenya
Burrow & Hive
Dorus Mhor
Noble Toy Company
Nourishing Notes
Sir & Madame
Arch Apothecary
City Lit Books


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